Difference Between Venom and Poison

There are many things in life that can only be described as being undesirable. Some of these may be annoying or displeasing while others can be potentially dangerous.  One must be careful of these in order to stay out of harm’s way and lead a good life.

We often hear terms venom and poison in our everyday life. They are taken as synonyms and are used side by side. However, there are very clear differences that the two have which are worth knowing.

A poison is a term that is used for anything, generally in liquid form though there is no binding, that can be potential harmful if consumed and often is fatal. It can be both natural and synthetic.

Venom on the other hand is not necessarily poisonous though it will often be harmful in one way or another. It is the defense mechanism that a large number of living organisms produce inside their body. It may sting or stun or cause other kinds of harm. It is a natural product.

Poison may be harmful for one creature and be perfectly fine for another. The venom will likely have a similar affect on all creatures.


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    It is a natural product that is produce by various animals as a defense mechanism. It can be potentially fatal in some cases though mostly it is not that harmful and may cause certain types of irritations.

    It is also a term that is often used to describe the corrupt practices in the society and to condemn them. There are many insects as well as animals that carry venom in their bodies. Some of the insects die if they let the venom out by stinging anyone.

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    The term refers to any natural or unnatural substance that can be potentially fatal for humans. A product may be fatal for one species while perfectly fine for another. It is a relatively loose term that is used in many contexts.

    It is a term that is also associated with the evils of corruption and bad deeds that are being done in the society around us.

    There are anti-dotes that have been made for many of the natural poisons though the person has to be treated within a given period of time for it to be effective. On the other hand, the stomach of the patient needs to be washed for poisons that have been orally administered in most cases.

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