Difference between Depression and Sadness

Time in life is not always the same. Sometimes one sees a lot of happiness while on other occasions, one can be struck with grief. It is a part and parcel of life and as they say, the only constant in life is change. One can expect that all good and bad times will pass.

Being sad and depressed are two terms that we listen a lot when someone we know is going through a tough time. The two terms are indeed similar in nature but by no means synonyms as some people consider them.

Sadness is a reaction to a sad event, be it a loss of any kind. It is a natural reaction that actually shows the person is healthy and is reacting in the right manner. Depression is an illness related to human mind in which a person feel low and cannot get out of the feeling being sad. Sometimes a person can simply have depression without any particularly reason.

Sadness passes through with time and the person starts feeling better after a while. However, the state of depression remains in place for indefinite period of time and needs to be treated for person to feel better and get out of the situation.


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    It is the reaction to an unfortunate event. The time it takes to reduce is not fixed and depends on the amount of tragedy as well as the way a person can absorb it. Generally it does not take more than a couple of weeks for most people to rebound at least to a reasonable extent and a person can feel better.

    Being sad when the situation calls for it is not a bad thing as it does show that you have a humane side which is very important. A bit of support from the loved ones is the best tonic to get rid of the feeling.

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    Depression is a condition when a person feels sad and there is no particular time frame in which the person will get back to normal. It is a bit of sinking feeling as well as ideas of one being completely helpless. It can be temporary in nature but can also be a permanent condition.

    It can be caused by some event or simply because a person suffers from it. It can be instigated by issues that are very small in nature. A person often perceives things in an exaggerated manner. Often a patient needs treatment which is generally in form of counseling.

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