Difference between Kung PAO and General TSO

Kung Pao and General Tso are two famous Chinese chicken dishes. Both have different histories and a unique way of cooking. Those who remain confused and often mix these two dishes with a different name do not know the actual reason behind it. Kung Pao is made from chicken and peanuts and evolved from central part of China while the General Tso is also made from chicken but it was basically originated from America by Chinese chefs. First one is originated from China and evolved with the time while the second one got more popularity across America and is considered to be the most sought after Chinese chicken dish.


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    Kung Pao

    Kung Pao is made from chicken and peanuts. It is a takeout dish and considered very popular across China. Coming and evolving from central China’s Sichuan province, this dish now can be found anywhere in mainland China. Gong Bao is another name of this famous Chinese dish. This name was also evolved from the Qing dynasty’s Governor Gong Bao in the Sichuan province. Later when Qing’s dynasty ended, the new rulers changed its name with fast fry chicken. It is interesting to know that rulers always impose their orders on everything they don’t like. However, the evolution of this dish’s name continued as later it was called Kung Pao and still this famous chicken dish is recognised with this particular name. The preparation method of Kung Pao is very easy. You need to take raw chicken in a bowl and after marinating it with different light spices, you fry it and serve with roasted peanuts along with rice wine, oyster sauce, chilies, carrots, cabbage and celery. In most countries of the world including America, this dish however, is made without Sichuan peppercorn. This Sichuan peppercorn is often called the main ingredient for many Chinese dishes especially those made from chicken.

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    General Tso

    This delicious dish basically originated in American based Chinese restaurants and when these chefs returned home, they then realised that the same kind of dish is also very famous here. They named this dish General Tso. Now General Tso has also replaced the name with General chicken.

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