Difference between Champions League and Europa League

Champions League and Europa League are two of the most elite club competitions that are being fought in the modern day football. Football has become one of the most followed sports in the entire world and Europe has certainly become its major powerhouse. There are thousands of clubs that have been formed in every country and all of these compete in a strictly organised system of the leagues which determine the football of the country. Considering the amounts of the countries associated in Europe with football, all of these have been registered with the official governing body of the region and the UEFA has taken the responsibility of conducting these leagues in an organised manner throughout Europe. Champions League and Europa League are the two top club competitions that are being contested in Europe at the moment and only the top teams from different countries have the authority to participate in these elite and prestigious competitions. The Champions League is meant to be contested by the top teams of the country’s clubs and the Europa league is being contested by the 2nd tier teams of the region. The Champions of the Europa League at the moment are Spanish club Atletico Madrid and the winners of the current UEFA Champions League are English side Chelsea.


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    There are different formats for which the tournaments are contested and the criteria of the teams are also a very strict one. Only selected teams can take part in these competitions and at first we will discuss about the UEFA Champions League. It has very firm approach criteria and only the top teams of the region can take part in this European competition. Majorly, the top four of the teams from the top football playing countries take part in this tournament and their position in the domestic league decides this. England, Italy, Germany and Spain all have 4 slots and the top four hence compete in this competition.

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    Coming to the Europa league, it is the 2nd tier European competition in the entire Europe and teams that get the places in the league of the top playing countries are eligible to play in this tournament.  Again the league position of the teams in the domestic battles determines the qualification procedure and mostly the teams that finish as fifth, sixth and seventh take part in this club competition. However, the cup winners of the domestic site can also take part in this competition.

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