Difference between Lbs and Pounds

The units used for various measurements generally vary around the world. Some use one system as standard while others prefer another. A single system does not exist which can be considered to be universal although there are systems that are running parallel in a lot of places. The metric system is the most popular method for measuring in many countries of Europe. Standardisation is crucial to avoid mistakes while trading internationally as a common scale is needed to determine various weights for shipping and handling of cargo.

When it comes to measuring weight, one hears many terms such as kilos, grams, ounces, lbs and many others. The system that is used in the US is based on pounds. The terms pounds and lbs go side by side and have a very close relationship. There are only minute differences between the two as they are almost one and the same.

The term pound means a weight of sixteen ounces and is used primarily in the US. The term lbs also refers to an equal weight and is used more on an international scale.

The pound is the actual measure of the weight whereas lbs is used to in order to represent the pound. The plural for pound is pounds whereas the plural for lbs remains the same.


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    The term comes from the Latin term libra which means balance or weight.  The correct abbreviation is LB and the term LBS is a common mistake. The original weight of the lbs was 12 ounces which was later moved up to 16 ounces to match the current standard.

    It is a part of the English Imperial System. It is used the most in the US and many other countries have changed to the British Metric System.

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    It is a part of the English Imperial System and is equal to 16 ounces of weight. It is used to measure many objects particularly those that fall between the light and medium weight category. Very large weight is generally measured in tons.

    The system is in place in a number of countries in the world. There are a number of variations in the pound though in different fields and these include troy pound, merchant’s pound, the wool pound, tower pound and the London pound.

    It is also used as a measure of force where torque is calculated in foot pounds. It should not be mixed up with the British currency Pound Sterling.

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