Difference between Conscious and Subconscious

The part of mind that is responsible for reasoning and decision making is known as the conscious mind. For example, if someone asks you to compute one plus one, it will be your conscious mind that is going to add the numbers. Whatever you intend to do; the conscious mind is responsible for controlling actions. The sub conscious mind on the other hand results in our involuntary actions. Subconscious mind controls our breathing rate and heart beat. Our emotions are also performed by out sub conscious mind. Learn the differences between these two terms to achieve your goals and objectives successfully and in quickest time. Conscious mind responds to the lower functions in the brain whereas the sub conscious mind does not need a reason or justification – it simply responds to and follows the guidelines provided by the conscious part of your brain.


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    Conscious mind

    Conscious mind responds to the lower functions of brain. Essentially, it is designed to deal with focus, direction setting and attention to details, awareness and analysis. Your conscious ideas are the logical or sensible ideas, whereas your sub conscious mind is the 'animal' like instinct within our brain. Without any conscious choice on your part, your heart keeps moving blood, your body can sweat and your heart rate remains under control. These are all illustrations of the features that although may seem as if they 'just happen', are actually the consequence of your sub conscious psychological procedures, working hard.

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    Sub conscious mind

    Many people never 'think' that they have a sub conscious, although they certainly have to 'think' with their minds. Your sub conscious mind is highly effective and it plays a key role in your psychological procedures, although you are unacquainted to it. Your sub conscious is easily satisfied upon by the ideas and psychological concentration of the conscious ideas.

    Your sub conscious can be defined as a ground that allows any kind of seeds to be implanted whether good or bad. Since your psychological ideas are at work; they plant seeds to your sub conscious. Dangerous, destructive and negative ideas due to stress or depressive disorders continue to perform adversely in your sub conscious. Earlier or later, they surface to take form as an external experience that matches to their content.

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