Difference between Fudge and Cake

When you hear these names, you travel to a different world of sweet deliciousness. The mind fills with mouth watering images of rich sweets. Cake and fudge are the favourite words for sugar lovers and people who always have their sweet tooth on fire. When you think of cake, the mind brings multiple images of fluffy and soft baked goods. Cakes have different flavours and textures varying from countries, they are loved by kids and adults alike. Fudge is another delicious bite which is equally mouth watering and often confused by many as being cake. Adding on to the confusion are words like chocolate fudge cake. There are some differences and both the sweets are not interchangeable.

A cake uses basic ingredients and a batter is made which is then baked. To make the cake fluffy and have it rise, leavening agents like baking powder and yeast are used. There are a wide range of flavours which can be used as per your preference. You can also add dried fruit and nuts if you want a rich tea cake. Some cakes are simple daily desserts which can be consumed with tea or given to children in their lunch boxes. Other cakes are decadent and creamy. They are made on special occasions like birthdays, weddings etc. the different categories are: cheese cakes, yeast cakes, sponge cakes, butter cakes, chocolate cakes and much more.

Fudge can be made in various flavours. The flavour is added with the rest of the ingredients. It is a very popular and loved chocolate product in US and Canada and it is used as a topping for ice creams. It is sort of chocolaty syrup which can be poured. One form of cake is the chocolate fudge cake which uses almost double the amount of chocolate than a simple chocolate cake. This makes it more like fudge than a cake. Another popular flavour is caramel fudge.


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    It is an old bakery item and was made even before the availability of sugar, it was made from honey. Currently the basic ingredients for a cake are sugar, flour, butter, eggs etc. It is a sort of baked bread which is eaten as a snack or a dessert.

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    Fudge is another sweet treat made from sugar, milk, butter and some other ingredients. It is first heated and then cooled which gives it a soft textured consistency. It is also thick and usually quite chewy or heavy.

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