Difference between Anopheles and Aedes

Anopheles and Aedes are the two of the most dangerous genera of mosquitoes which spread different kinds of diseases in human beings. Anopheles mosquitoes are vectors for serious diseases including Malaria, brain tumour and Filariasis, while Aedes are known to spread Dengue virus.

Moreover, Anopheles is longer in length than Aedes and is more slender. Besides, Anopheles is active from dawn to dusk whereas Aedes mostly bites during the day.

Additionally, Anopheles has black and white scales on wings and legs while Aedes has stripes which are spread on its whole body.


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    It is mosquito genus which has more than 460 species. Most of the Anopheles mosquitoes are vectors of various diseases. The body of these mosquitoes has three main parts, which are known as abdomen, thorax and head.

    Furthermore, one of their distinct features includes palps, which are quite long in length as compared to other mosquitoes. In addition, they have black and white scales on their wings and on legs, through which they can be distinguished easily. They land on a surface while keeping the tip of their abdomen lifted upwards.

    Male Anopheles mosquitoes are quite shorter in length as compared to the females. Additionally, they feed on plant sap whereas the females need blood to live on. The blood helps the females sustain eggs inside them.

    Anopheles mosquitoes are the vectors of malaria disease as they transmit a parasite known as Plasmodium falciparum from their saliva when they bite human beings to suck blood. Moreover, they also spread Canine Heartworm, brain tumour and Filariasis. They are mostly found in tropical regions of the world as compared to temperate regions. Every year, a large amount of money is spent to control the growth of Anopheles mosquitoes so as to avoid the spread of malaria.

    Image courtesy: commons.wikimedia.org

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    It is an immensely diversified mosquito genus and contains more than 700 different species. Most of the Aedes mosquitoes spread disease, for instance Aedes aegypti is a vector of Dengue fever in human beings. They cause a lot of nuisance to people, because of which they are considered as the most unpleasant genus of mosquitoes. Their bodies are small and heavy as compared to the mosquitoes of other genera.
    Most of the species of Aedes mosquitoes are active during the day.

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