What Is Insulin And How Is It Related to Diabetes

Diabetes is a fairly common disease associated with insulin deficiency, which leads to an increase of sugar in blood. In the treatment of diabetes, it is important to distinguish the type and individual characteristics of the patient, since the use of the medication and diet can be different. Lack of insulin is caused by disruption of pancreas.

Diabetes – is the most common disease associated with hormone human pathology. This disease can be treated either with the help of insulin injections or by using anti-diabetic pills. In addition to medication, it is important to follow a diet and increase you self-control.


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    Insulin injections are prescribed to patients with diabetes due to the inability hormonal production pancreas, resulting in impaired glucose uptake and increased blood sugar. Vital insulin injections are designed to prevent the complications that can occur in people with diabetes.

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    Remember, insulin injections can be inserted into the abdomen, the front of the thighs and the upper third of the shoulder. Keep in mind that the insulin can be absorbed more quickly if you put it in the subcutaneous abdominal, and not in the shoulder area. Insulin is absorbed more slowly from the hips.

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    If you allow the material resources, go to insulin with modern convenient device - an insulin pump, known as a therapy with continuous subcutaneous insulin. Turning to the regime of multiple injections to continuous subcutaneous insulin with a pump, consult a qualified endocrinologist. Ask your doctor how to choose an insulin pump for you, because the success of the treatment may depend on the equipment and the entire course.

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    Insulin must be injected under the skin and not the muscle. You should insert insulin slowly, after pressing the handle of the syringe gently. Wait about 10 seconds before removing the needle of the injection, so that the insulin gets time to reach the tissues.

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