Guide on How to Make the Transition from Employee to Self-Employed

It takes a while to adjust from being an employee to becoming self employed. The only person who writes your check when you are self employed is yourself since you are the boss of yourself. The advantage of being self employed is that don’t have to be to work by a certain hour everyday or risk being fired and you build your bank account balance instead of someone else’s. It is risky in the beginning of being self employed since some weeks you might not make enough money as you would of at a regular job. Here are some tips to help you make the transition from employee to being self employed.

1. Make sure to have a few months worth of living expenses of money saved in an savings account. This will help you not go into as much debt when starting a business. You will have enough money for regular household expenses for a few months with money.

2. Keep and follow a schedule. It is important to keep a schedule when you are self employed since it will help you stay on track. You need to treat your business just as like as you would a regular job each day of the week otherwise you won’t make as much money.

3. Remember that you create your own paycheck. Always remember when you are self employed that you create your own paycheck basically. You can decide how much money you want to make each week depending upon how many customers you get.

4. You need to dress professional to help you stay focused on business. People who dress professional each day usually think as a business person each day and therefore make more sales. They are focused about business instead of being relaxed about it.

5. Be smart with the free time that you have. You can make more money when you use your time wisely. Don’t waste hours each day when you can use those hours to generate more sales and therefore make more money in the long term. Self employed people need to remember that every hour wasted during business hours is the hours that they are basically losing money.

If you follow these steps then you should be able to succeed in being self employed. You just need to stay focused and realize that you don’t have a boss to make sure that you work each day. You are your own boss and you can basically work whenever you want to. If you don’t make enough money each month as you did at your regular job then you need to work more in order to help generate more sales.

There may be a slow season each year depending upon what type of business that you have. Make sure to have money during the rest of the year to make up the slow season. When you stay are able to stay focused and work enough hours then you should be able to create enough income each month on a consistent basis throughout the year. Good Luck!

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