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Why spend hours clicking through the over 1,000 sites that are dedicated to Elementary School Foreign Language Lesson Plans? You waste valuable time perusing sites that don’t relate to your subject matter, whose material is sketchy at best, and where you cannot find a single resource to help you. Here we have listed some of the popular foreign language lesson plan websites and offered detailed descriptions of what you will find. We have also ranked each site based upon the quality, quantity and usefulness of its Elementary School Foreign Language lesson plans and activities. Best of all, each of these sites has been checked out and ranked by a certified Foreign Language teacher!

Ranking System

3 Site offers multiple relevant lessons/activities and is well organized.

2 Site offers some good information, but is not well organized or the area covered is very narrow.

1 Site offers only a few lessons/activities or has limited information, but is worth listing.


This site contains detailed Elementary Foreign Language lessons. Lessons describe how to prepare for the lesson and the exact procedure and evaluation. Many lessons incorporate use of the Internet.
Rank: 3

Foreign Language Lessons

This site contains detailed Elementary Foreign Language lessons and projects that incorporate websites. Most useful for Spanish, French, and German classrooms.
Rank: 3

Donn Pages – World Language Lesson Plans

ESL/ELF, Spanish, French, & German lesson links organized by language.
Rank: 3

Ask Eric Lesson Plans

Spanish, French, Chinese and ESL Elementary Foreign Language lesson plans. Also includes a number of multi-cultural lessons.
Rank: 3

Foreign Language Lessons and Resources

This site includes lesson plans, activities, virtual fieldtrips, and many other resources for foreign language teachers. The Elementary Foreign Language lesson plans are detailed and easy to use.
Rank: 2

ArtsEdge: Teaching Materials – Foreign Language

List of Elementary Foreign Language lesson plans and activities. The search engine will be the best bet for finding a specific lesson as they are just listed, not organized.
Rank: 2

Internet Activities for Foreign Language Classes

Spanish, French, Italian, German, Latin, Japanese, Philipino, ESL/EFL web activities listed at various skill levels.
Rank: 2

FLTeach – Foreign Language Teacher Forum

Contains Elementary School Foreign Language teaching methods including school/college articulation, training of student teachers, classroom activities, curriculum, and syllabus design. Offers few complete lessons, but a multitude of other foreign language classroom resources.
Rank: 1

Foreign Language Instructional Technology Interest Group

A collection of links to classroom resources in many different media, and also to computer software in different language groups – organized by language.
Rank: 1

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