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The knowledge of personal numbers, or the metaphysical system of numerology, is believed to provide insight into your own special talents, your life’s mission, and keys to your personal success. Here are several websites offering free numerology readings, resources, and information.

The Dreamtime – Numerology and Astrology (
This site states that you can “discover intuitive and enlightening secrets about yourself or lover.” The author combines the concepts of astrology and numerology in the Dreamtime detailed readings that he offers. He says that his mission is to help clients discover their true life purpose, recognize desires and talents, and realize their dreams. Free readings include: life path number, destiny, birthday number, compatibility, and new year forecast.

Other website sections include: Detailed readings (approximately 25-30 pages, emailed to you. Readings include: Professional reading, yearly forecast, Compatibility reading, Career / business readings, Spiritual / karmic readings), Numerology (methods, number meanings, your name, your birthdate, resources etc.), Astrology (free charts / reading, why astrology works, astrological compatibility, check your moon sign, the signs, the planets, interpreting your horoscope etc), Newsletter (spirituality, natural health, ancient culture, earth honoring, eco travel, and numerology / astrology.

Numerology-free (
Describing itself as “your source for free numerology online”, this site offers a numerological information course consisting of 21 lessons. Some topics included are: the alphabet in relation to numbers, the core concept, the life path, the birth day, the expression, the heart’s desire, and the personality. Other subjects covered are: harmonious and discordant aspects, the intensification of numbers, the first name and karmic numbers, the habit challenge, the maturity number, and more.

Affinity (
This site provides information and sections on: numerology answers, you lucky numbers, numerology on your site, and Affinity new age articles. There is a free numerology reading, and the site strives through numerology to help you discover your life’s path, how others see you, your soul’s urge and more.

Forever Numerology (
Lynn Buess, author or metaphysical books such as best-selling “Numerology for the New Age”, “The Tarot and Transformation”, and “Numerology – Nuances in Relationships” is owner of this site. Numerological information sections include: Introduction to numbers (brief background information), Numbers 1-9 (fundamental descriptions), Master Numbers 11-99 (background and meaning), and Calculate your numbers (the chosen life path, the wisdom in your name (personal numbers). The site offers free downloadable calculator for determining your numerology numbers and a location for buying Buess’s latest book, “Forever Numerology”.

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