What is a Cyber Security Attack

Online crime is a fast-growing category of traditional criminal activities. Internet scams, data theft, identification theft and extortion are the most common cyber criminal offenses. Since the beginning of the PC era in the 1970’s, online hackers and cyber criminals who use computers have been using electronic resources to take advantage of people.

Cyber protection employees are hired to combat cyber criminal activities. The network protection field is growing faster than many other sectors, according to the Institution of Labour Research in United States.


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    From the beginning of the computer era, criminal researchers and developers have proved to be effective in finding weaknesses in software and hardware products. Innovative scammers, helped by the intense growth in PC ownership, growth and freedom, learned to manipulate weaknesses to commit cyber criminal activities.

    The FBI's Computer Analysis and Reaction Team (CART) was the first government network protection organization that proved to be helpful to deal with and respond to cyber risks and electronic identification theft. In 2010, thousands of independent and government protection groups examined and sought to prevent cyber criminal activities globally.

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    Cyber criminal activities are of different types, from ordinary email "spam" to risks of cyber war, which intends some or complete devastation of the internet market. Many types of cyber criminal activities are simple additions of personal theft, such as taking bank card details or banking passwords.

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    Network protection employees focus on preventing and addressing cyber risks. Defending information is a priority for these groups, using resources such as fire walls and anti-spam filters. Risk response incorporates searching through log data files and performing forensic studies to find the cyber attack's effect.

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    Some view the internet as a dangerous place to run a business, shop or make purchases. Although the number of cyber crimes is on the rise continuously, almost all websites and applications are genuine, and many cyber resources improve protection and safety of people’s cash in the Twenty first century. Training applications, provided by companies as part of a larger network protection plan, significantly reduce a customer's vulnerability to cyber criminal activity. With discretion and education, customers can remain safe online by avoiding risky data files and websites.

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    Unlawful or illegal use of a PC, stealing valuable information and electronic scams are considered serious criminal offenses in the United States. Companies or businesses without a working network protection program can be held accountable for carelessness if there is a cyber attack on a network.

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