Reader Rabbit Dreamship Tales Review

Reader Rabbit Dreamship Tales: Review of Story
Reader Rabbit Dreamship Tales is a sample group from the Reader Rabbit adventures. It showcases four activities – each one part of a full Reader Rabbit adventure game. The samples included are taking from adventure games for different age levels. In each of the samples, the different activities and backgrounds of bugs, beaches, gum balls and even cheese make each game unique and fun.

Reader Rabbit Dreamship Tales: Review of Activities and Skill
On this software, the games are from four different age levels. There is one from a full adventure game for preschoolers, one for kindergarten, one for first grade and one for second grade. The preschool game includes matching colors, shapes, and patterns. The kindergarten level includes a memory game. The last two levels, one for first grade and one for second grade, have games that include reading, science, and equations.

Reader Rabbit Dreamship Tales: Extras
Included in the software are printable activities based on Reader Rabbit’s various games. Each activity can be printed out and used like sheets from a workbook. These include coloring in shapes, assembling crafts and other workbook type activities. Along with the sample games and printable activities, there is also a sample of lively, animated songs from the different Reader Rabbit adventure games. Finally, with the sample games, there are animated previews to some of The Learning Company’s other games. These are not games. They are previews where the basic story behind each adventure game is shown.

Reason to Buy Reader Rabbit Dreamship Tales:
Fun activities and a good way to get an idea of what Reader Rabbit and some of The Learning Company’s games are about. The variety is nice if you have kids at each of the different age levels.

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