Leaving a Legacy

What an honor to be attending Columbia University, the very same school that our president Barack Obama received his Bachelor’s degree, and the same school my mother received a dual degree in nursing. Dining at gourmet food courts, shopping in a luxurious, department size bookstore, learning from world renowned professors, and studying with the brightest minds; this school is a true scholar’s paradise. Nestled in busy NYC, the cozy campus was a refuge from the grimy Bronx neighborhood where I commuted from every day.

ACADEMICS I am majoring in creative writing/ literature. Utilizing my professors’ expertise and receiving critical feedback from my peers has truly refined my writing skills. The mutual respect that the faculty and the students have for each other creates a dynamic learning experience. What’s even more rewarding is when our research projects serve as a guide for urban planning, policy making, and scientific advancements in the community.

CAMPUS LIFE So far some of my favorite moments at school have been watching the New York Liberty practice in our gymnasium, attending a free Wyclef Jean concert, enjoying the Family Day picnics with my son, and most of all purchasing student discount tickets for movies, Broadway shows, and sporting events.

FINANCING Most of my free time was spent working at various work-study jobs on campus. Although I received private and federal loans, as well as an institutional scholarship to pay my tuition,I still needed to work to cover living expenses for myself and my son. Being an employee of Columbia University has allowed me to gain valuable work experience as well as secure influential references.

CAREER FIELD Since 2005 I’ve taken a break from my studies to care for my children. In 2007 I became a contributing writer for No Kidding Magazine. In 2010 I received a publishing contract from Tate Publishing for my children’s prayer book, and also became a contributing writer to Yahoo Voices. In 2011 I wrote baby lullabies as a charity project for St. Peter’s University Children’s Hospital. I recently entered an original song of mine into the 2013 ASCAP international songwriting competition. I plan to return to Columbia for the Fall 2015 semester to complete my Bachelor’s Degree. The burden is upon me to continue my mother’s legacy and achieve my Ivy League dream.

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