GED Info in the State of Maryland?

With an increasing demand in higher education from potential job offers, one of the basic requirements of any particular job is a high school diploma or equivalent. True, there are a few jobs out there don’t require it. Many of those, however, offer low paying wages, longer hours, less benefits and unneeded stress. A GED is a “General equivalency diploma,” it is equivalent to a high school diploma. Not to mention, it is a way into the door if you plan on continuing your education throughout college.

In Maryland jurisdiction, the GED test is broken down into (5) parts.

�· Language Arts and Writing I
�· Language Arts and Writing II
�· Social Studies
�· Science
�· Language Arts and Reading
�· Mathematics

You must score a total value of 2250 points, which is the equivalency of 410 points on each of the 5-section assignments! After completion, the state will award you your high school diploma.


�· Must be at least 16 years or older.
�· Not enrolled in high school.
�· Not a high school graduate
�· A resident of the Maryland state at least (3) months.
�· Withdrawn from school at least (3) three months.

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