How to Get Used to Living with Your New College Roommate

School has begun and by now you have probably already met your new roommate at college. But exactly how can you get this relationship off to a smooth start? Some people suggest not getting to close to your roommate, since they can end up stabbing you in the back or telling someone all of your business. But it really is well worth the effort to form a good friendship with your college roommate. Here are ten suggestions that may help to make your adjustment easier.

1. Don’t try to take up all the room space. Everyone knows that college dorm rooms are very small. No where near being as large as an apartment. So you will have to make sure that each of you gets an equal amount of space. Make sure that you only utilize your space and do not take any away from your roommate. Even if this means that you have to send a few items back home.

2. Don’t touch their items without permission. When your roommate is not in the room you may be tempted to look through some of their stuff in order to learn more about them. Never do this, it will definitely cause problems and you it will take you a lot longer to get the friendship that you want.

3. Invite them out for lunch or to an on campus event. Try doing campus activities with your room mate. The more time you spend with them the easier it will be to get to know them.

4. Allow them to use some of your items if they ask. This is not to say that you should allow them to use all your items whenever they feel like it. But if they occasionally want to borrow a notebook or some pencils or something small like that why not.

5. Try to find things that you have in common. As with any person you are trying to get to know, take the time to find things that the two of you have in common. It could be that you share the same or similar taste in clothing or food it never hurts to ask.

6. Be willing to help. Through the course of the school year problems will definitely arise for you and your roommate. It could be anything from class problems or boyfriend or girlfriend problems. Whatever it is try to help them as much as possible. Remember in order to gain friends you have to first be a friend.

7. When your family comes to visit allow them to spend some time getting with all of you. This will give them the opportunity to get to know you and your family. The last thing that you want to do is exclude them every time your family members come or when you best friend from high school comes to visit.

8. Show them the same respect that you want. In order for them to respect you and your space you have to be willing to do the same for them. Remember that you will have to live with this person for at least one year of your life. In some cases it may even be longer.

9. If they are dating someone try not to be too negative. Even if you can not stand the person they are dating you should at least try to tolerate them as best as possible. Unless of course you know something about this person that could cause your friend some serious harm. If that is the case then you should take the time to tell them.

10. Just be yourself. There is a possibility that you will never form a close friendship with your roommate. Some people just don’t click. Regardless of what happens you should still be yourself. Do not change for anyone no matter what.

The bottom line is that you are in college to further your education. But it will certainly not hurt for you to make additional friends along the way. Many people find that their college roommate ends up being one of their best friends for life. If you take the time to apply some of the tips indicated in this article then you are sure to make a lasting friendship with your college roommate.

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