Logging In, Logging Off

Log in, log off, check e-mail, log out

Check-in, up date, post your comment, raise the stakes

What’s wrong, got something to say?, take a chance, blog about it

Fast-paced, random words, no time to think, just turn out the verbs,

Log in, log out, security check, what’s the password? I always forget

Request login, now you may enter, where am I going?, doesn’t matter, nothing better

Navigate, learn to circulate, think about it, work it out

Establish the connection, overthrow convention,

Communication is key, in today’s fast-paced society

Communicate, navigate, learn, and earn; you’ll be surprised at the outcome when you have brain fuel to burn

Share your thoughts, open your mind, be strong with your words, and learn to define

It’s an art after all, a contemporary connection

You only lose if you sit back and try to define the invention�¯�¿�½

By Sabah Karimi

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