Warnings Issued As Rio+20 Earth Summit Approaches

Preparations for the Rio+20 Earth Summit are almost complete as 130 assorted heads of state get ready to meet during the conference taking place from June 20 to 22. The two day event is causing a sharp rise in warnings and statements from environmental groups and scientist from around the world about the dangers the earth is facing today.

The Rio +20 Earth Summit is also known as the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development and the approach of its start date has also seen a major statement from the United Nations. On Wednesday, June 6 the United Nations Environment Program issued a report that had very depressing news. The UN report claims that the world has failed to make any significant move forward on 86 out of 90 objectives agreed upon by participating countries.

20 years ago a previous UN summit in Rio had produced three global environmental treaties and other goals over the years to help reduce damaging environmental activity. According to the UN, only four of these goals have seen any major work. Progress has been seen in the reduced use of ozone destroying substances, removing gasoline with lead from circulation, giving people the ability to reach water supplies and studies on marine pollutants. The UN claims that the other objectives have been ignored and important matters like conservation of plant, animals and water supplies have had no significant progress. Significant warning have also come from the scientific journal Nature where an article warned that the globe was reaching a tipping point from where humans will not be able to turn back.

At this time many are concerned that the Rio summit may not produce any significant results. The major economic crises around the world, especially in Europe, seem to be taking up the time of the continents leaders. Some major players like Germany and the United Kingdom have said that their head of state will not be attending the meeting. This may not be what environmental activists and other groups want because they are looking for strong agreements on key issues so that the world can avoid a significant environmental change. This may not be possible with some big names not showing to the summit.

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