How to Copy Multidimensional Arrays in Java

Java is a computer programming language which has few implementation dependencies. Many application developers work using this particular language. There are many different ways which will guide you regarding using Java in its basic ways and also regarding copying multidimensional arrays. Without the help of a good developer or any specific written guideline, its very difficult for an individual to complete the task of copying multidimensional arrays in Java. You also need to understand a very important factor of this language that clone() should not be used as intended multidimensional arrays.


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    Understanding copying multidimensional arrays in Java

    Before you begin the process, you need to understand in detail as to what is copying multidimensional arrays in Java and why it is important to do this. There may be other methods for copying multidimensional arrays in Java but the one given below is just a basic version that can help you identify the process. Giving an example of Java computer programming and multidimensional arrays, you need to understand this chart in detail.

    for(int k = 0; k < Nz; k++){

    for(int j = 0; j < Ny; j++){

    for(int i = 0; i < Nx; i++){

    grid_copy[i][j][k] = grid[i][j][k];




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    Depressingly low level and anti DRY

    You also need to understand in detail that for every array in Java computer programming, the depressingly low level and anti DRY array need to come first before multidimensional arrays. The generic copy of multidimensional arrays will follow. Though this precise work can only done by a computer language professional, but still with basic information and guidelines, you will certainly will able to complete the task up-to a certain level.

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    Private void copy

    (Object source, Object dest) {

    if(source.getClass().isArray() && dest.getClass().isArray()) {

    for(int i=0;i

    if(Array.get(source, i) != null && Array.get(source, i).getClass().isArray()) {

    copy(Array.get(source, i), Array.get(dest, i));

    } else {

    Array.set(dest, i, Array.get(source, i));





    The method given above is not a professional way of copying multidimensional arrays rather a very general form of doing it correctly. Though it is a solution, but still you need to make sure that you follow the methods and procedures which match with whatever your needs are. This is just a basic guide to help you get started and can be used as a template if you get stuck.

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    Recursive approach

    Some developers say that it is a recursive approach as you are not directly copying multidimensional arrays but rather it is an application that comes with specific instructions.

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