What is An Aorta and What Does It Do

Aorta is probably the most significant blood vessel in the whole body of a human being. Living beings are all the living organisms that exist on this earth. Humans, animals and plants are all in this category and can be described as human beings and hence all of these need some sort of transport system inside their body in order to keep their blood supply normal and functional. Aorta is the main vessel in the body and transports blood to all other parts of the body.


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    Aorta is the main blood vessel in the human heart. It branches of from the heart of the living beings and further carries on the function of transferring the oxygenated blood to the other vessels of the body and these vessels then take the blood which has been oxygenated to the parts of the body. Remember that all the parts of the body need a supply of blood to keep living and perform their functions properly. Blood in the body comes in to types. One of these is the oxygenated blood and the other type is the de oxygenated blood. From the de oxygenated blood, the oxygen has been used by the various parts of the body and the muscles.

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    After this blood becomes deficient in oxygen supply, this has to get back to the centre where it takes the oxygen from. The place for this purpose is the heart. Heart gets all the blood from various body parts and has to perform the function of restoring oxygen to the blood so that the blood can then again run its course and supply all this blood the body parts and the muscles which are in need of the oxygen to carry the work that they are supposed to be doing.

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    After the blood which is short in oxygen content gets back to the heart, it undergoes a process in the chambers of the heart. The heart has 4 compartments and after a sequential movement in these chambers, the blood gets rich in oxygen. Now is the actual task of the aorta blood vessel, the transportation of this blood to the parts of the body.

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    Aorta is the largest blood vessel in the body. It branches from the heart and after taking the oxygen rich blood; it further gets divided into the smaller arteries and takes the blood to them so that they can distribute it forward to the muscles needing it.

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