Math Blaster Review

Math Blaster: Review of Story
Math Blaster is a great computer game with a space theme, fun characters and humor. Players, as Blaster Pals, helps solve problems on four different planets including a puppet theater planet, a planet with stolen jewels, a planet where players complete a rocket, and a planet with a marble maze.

Math Blaster: Review of Levels
In this computer game, each of the four planets has three levels. As you progress on each planet, the tasks get more difficult. When you complete a level on all four planets, you earn a certificate. The first level earns you the title “Some Serious Counter.” The second level earns you the title “Awesome Estimator,” and the third level earns you the title “Most Amazing Math Master.”

Math Blaster: Review of Activities and Skills
Surrounded by fun, quirky characters kids will work with scales, counting, filling in patterns, and more in this computer game. At more advanced levels, players will also fill in math stories, solve equations, and estimate. Inside the ship, are some additional activities including a worm that creates equations to get your kids giggling.

Reasons to Buy Math Blaster:
Great characters and games that make learning math fun.

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