Culinary School in Chicago for Aspiring Chefs and Food Lovers

Chicago is a city known for its great food and fabulous nightlife. They offer a variety of culinary schools perfect for the aspiring chef or a foody who wants to try something new. Choosing a culinary school in Chicago is not difficult to do. Most schools are either for students who wish to achieve a degree and eventually a career in the food service industry or for those who want to polish up their cooking skills and learn something new to impress family and friends. Here are a variety of culinary schools in the Chicago area that should quickly set you down your culinary path.

Two varieties of culinary classes are available to students at the Calphalon Culinary Center : demonstration and hands-on. Demonstration classes allow you to sit and watch a master chef prepare food. You can take notes during the class and it sort of feel like you are in the audience of a Food Network TV show. At the end of these class students are invited to taste all the meals that have been prepared. Classes teach a variety of topics from French to Italian to American. Hands-on classes allow you to practice techniques as you learn them from a qualified chef. Students learn how to grill properly, how to roast the perfect duck or chicken, and how to hold a knife. And of course, you get to eat your creations. Calphalon Culinary Center is located at 1000 West Washington Boulevard, Chicago, Illinois, 60607. Calphalon Culinary Center is a popular source for cooking classes in the Chicago area. It is important to call ahead and reserve a spot because it is nearly impossible to just walk in and attend a class. Regular subject matter includes sauces, soups and stocks, knife basics, saut�©ing and pan-frying, how to steam vegetables and fish, how to properly braise meat and poultry, and poaching fish and poultry. Calphalon Culinary Center can be reached at (312) 529-0100.

Washburne Culinary Institute is an institute of higher learning for culinary students. They offer Associate programs. The Associates of Applied Science Degree in Culinary Arts is a chronological learning program taught over five semesters. All semesters include discussion, presentation, instruction, and hands-on production that allow students to learn and practice the skills of food production in a commercial foodservice environment. This course will launch supplementary methods and techniques that will enlarge the student’s collection of European and traditional menus. Washburne Culinary Institute is located at 6800 South Wentworth Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, 60621. They also offer associate degrees in Culinary Arts Advanced Certificate, Baking and Pastry Arts Associate of Applied Science Degree, Baking and Pastry Arts Advanced Certificate, and a Baking and Pastry Arts Basic Certificate. Courses range from a few months to a year. Tuition can range from as little as $3500 to over $10,000. Washburne Culinary Institute can be reached at (773) 602-5487.

Culinary Concepts of Chicago LLC is located at 2350 West Devon Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, 60659. They offer a variety of classes for the general public that introduce them to the culinary field. While they don’t offer degree programs, they are great for anyone who considers himself or herself a foody. They teach basic knife skills as well as basic kitchen instruction. These can include how to make stock, how to poach, steam, grill, fry, and braise. Basically, they teach all around techniques for the kitchen. They are a great place to take a first date for an unusual twist on a Friday night. Culinary Concepts of Chicago LLC can be reached at (312) 294-0190.

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