How to Discover New Books & New Authors

New writers face a great challenge of making their name in the market. They need to spread the word of their existence as soon as possible, irrespective of the fact if they are self published or working with a conventional publisher. On the other hand, authors should do a lot of research and gain information on how to promote their book through various channels of marketing and advertising. This is on their shoulders because of the reduced promotion budgets. As a result of this, authors need to market their books themselves to help the avid readers discover their work.


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    Do a research on how people get to know about new books

    A number of self published authors do not have a clue of the book market. Most of them have not even thought of this, and some don’t know to begin with. It is quite normal as writers just know how to write books, and are not familiar how to market their product. Therefore, ask the readers what type of fiction they love the most. Majority of them will tell you that Fantasy and Science Fiction have a vast following. Moreover, people are not that much interested in Horror, Western and Romance genres.

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    Where do you look for the new authors and books?

    You also need to know how they come across the new books and new writers. Ask them how they find these through various mediums. A usual routine is to trust the word of mouth, which is shocking news for self publishers as they have no one to rate their books. Normally, you can look for recent books over the internet on an online book shop and check their ratings on newspaper and magazine reviews. Almost half of the population discover books through recommendation from friends and family.

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    Book recommendations

    Majority of the readers find books with the help of book store staff, advertisements and promotions, and search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. On the other hand, other common recommendations can be found via blogs, websites and social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Orkut. As a result, close recommendations are clearly vital for self published authors, and without that they cannot survive in the market. There is also a limitation that a lot of self publishers cannot get their recent works in popular places in book stores, and they won’t even get a book review.

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