Difference Between Shocks and Struts

No matter how comfortable your land vehicle is, a bumpy and dippy road will certainly cause you unrest and even damage your vehicle. Every land vehicle has a built-in suspension system for absorbing such shocks and making the journey smoother. The two key components used in a vehicle’s suspension system are shock absorbers and struts. The suspension system is actually attached to the wheels of the vehicle, making the driver feel much softer while steering and breaking. These two components have pretty much the same function but there are some certain differences which keep them apart from being recognised as one. Not just vehicles, shock absorbers and struts are also used in a number of other moving machines to provide them stability while operating. You better know some of the major differences between shocks and struts so that you can choose between them appropriately in particular scenarios.

Shock absorbers (mostly called shocks) are mechanical devices designed to smooth out the shock impulse and dissipate kinetic energy. They assist your vehicle to recoil back to its mean position after hitting a bump in the road and tend to absorb the impacts of your vehicle’s movements while in motion.

Struts are basically designed to resist the longitudinal compression by providing outwards-facing support in lengthwise direction and can be used to keep two moving components safely apart. As in land vehicles, struts are a vital part of the suspension system and they consist of spring coils, strut bearings, spring seats, steering knuckles and shock absorbers.


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    None of the suspension system in a land vehicle can be completed without the shock absorbers. These simple devices improve the ride quality of your vehicle to an entire new level by very effectively dealing with any sort of disturbances of a bumpy road. It absorbs most of the impact of your vehicle’s motion and recoil it to return to the actual position instantly after hitting a dip. Without shock absorbers, any land vehicle will be extremely stiff and not worthy of riding comfortably.

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    Struts’ main aim is to conform your vehicle to the roads and making the travelling smoother. Struts have very strong springs within them and they tend to compress and recoil the vehicle when it bounces or moves. These components are often used in architecture and building construction for their ability to absorb longitudinal compression.

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