Difference Between Teasing and Bullying

A lot of people say that there are massive differences between teasing and bullying. In theory, these claims are definitely sound. Teasing usually involves a sense of play and shared teasing around. Be aware of the fact that teasing is less likely to consist of things such as race, religion, caste or appearance. On the other hand, bullying does not contain play or mutual playing around. It generally is about religion, race, appearance and other vital traits. The big thing that differentiates bullying from teasing is intent. People who are bullies intend to harm others while teasing is just done to have a little bit of fun.

Both these concepts also involve making fun of other people, mocking them in a funny way, making them seem like foolish, ridiculing, taunting, or joking with them. Make sure you know that there are some moments when bullying and teasing can lead to physical act or acts that can harm the victim. However, the victim’s attitude tells you if he is teased or bullied by the oppressor. If a kid is being teased and he is getting annoyed because of it, then the teasing is now bullying for the child. He feels bad for being treated that way even though the other person’s untoward behaviour is innocent and play like. A kid who gets teased constantly for a while will start getting frustrated to a great extent. Both can be very harmful and in theory, bullying and teasing are considered the same for a child.


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    Teasing is a significant part of life. Sometimes it’s painful and hurtful to the victim. Know that people are always going to tease children. As a result of this, it is best for you to teach them how to deal or cope with it. Moreover, it is also a human social exchange that is thought to be friendly, negative or neutral. The aim is to improve relationships and create a sense of belonging. It can be playful and help people deal with situations better.

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    Teasing becomes bullying when children use it to have a better social status. This is also applicable when the intent of what is said or done is to harm the other person. Bullying happens between individuals who vary in race or religion or color. It is done to embarrass the feelings of the victim. Calling bad names or disrespect his appearance is textbook bullying.

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