Top 10 Most Dangerous Terrorist Groups

Terrorism is a menace in all its forms and has certainly taken the front row after the 9/11 attacks on the United State of America by a terror group called AL-Qaeda. Since these attacks the US and its allied nations have been fighting an ongoing war on terror which saw the allied forces dismantle the Taliban government accused of harbouring AL-Qaeda. Keep reading this article to learn about the top 10 most dangerous terrorist groups in the world with respect to their activities and scope of operations.


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    Founded during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan by Osama Bin Laden, this group became a nightmare for the United States and most of its allies after its members hijacked and flew two commercial planes into the World Trade Centre, brining the two towers down and killing thousands. The US immediately retaliated by launching a war against Afghanistan which was ruled by the Taliban government, which provided safe havens to Bin Laden. Although Osama was officially killed in 2011 by US forces in an operation inside Pakistan, the group still continues to exist.

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    It stands for Harakat Al-Muqawama Al-Islamia and was formed as a subgroup of Muslim Brotherhood to liberate Palestine from Israeli occupation. Created in 1987, this group has been a very affective adversary of Israel, involved in many armed attacks against Israeli armed forces and civilians.

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    For being anti-Israel, this group is considered a threat by the United State of America and is on their list of terrorist groups. This group is funded and supported by Iran and Syria and is based in Lebanon.

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    Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan

    This is a splinter group of the Taliban after the organisation was disbanded due to US invasion of Afghanistan. This group is active in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas of Pakistan, where the organisation has and continues to give Pakistan’s military a tough time. This group is a major threat to the stability of Pakistan.

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    Shiv Sena

    This group was founded on 19 June 1966 by Hinduhrudaysamrat Shri Balasaheb Thackeray. This group is critical of Indian Muslims and is believed to be involved in the terror plot in India against Muslims and across the border into Pakistan.

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    Kurdistan Worker’s Party

    This group was created in 1978 and since then has carried out several terror attacks in Syria, Iraq and Turkey for the sake of an independent Kurdish state. It is believed that intelligence agencies from many western countries support this group.

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  • 7

    Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia

    This group was created in 1964 and is commonly known as FARC. It is believed that this group trades illegal drugs all over the world.

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  • 8

    Armed Islamic Group of Algeria (GIA)

    This group was founded in 1992 for the purpose of taking over the Algerian government. It wants to create an Islamic State in Algeria.

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    Although dubbed as a terror group by America’s Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), this is a group made up of native Pashtuns of Afghanistan and ruled the country before USA’s war on terror. This group has not been involved in any acts of terror outside the border and the members of this group believe they are fighting a just war to free their homeland from US and its allies.

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  • 10

    Baluchistan Liberation Army

    This group is active in parts of Pakistan and Iran, struggling for an independent state.

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