Difference between Lutheran and Christian

Lutherans and Christians are two common words that that you will hear when you talk about different religions in the world. Christian is any entity, person, an organization or a group of people who adhere to Christianity. On the other hand, Lutheran is used to describe someone belonging to Lutheranism – a sect of Christianity.

Every Lutheran is a Christian, but not every Christian is a Lutheran.

Christianity has several sects and is often overshadowed when it comes to the comparison between multiple denominations. Lutheranism is a Christian denomination created by Martin Luther, while Christianity has been around since the birth of Jesus Christ.


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    Lutheran is anyone or anything that is associated with Lutheranism. Lutheranism is a Christian denomination that was established by a German reformer Martin Luther. Martin Luther was an avid Christian and his sole objective was to propagate Christianity all across Europe. But when he opposed Roman Catholic Church on some issues, he was despised by some leading priests and pastors at the time and he had to distance himself from the mainstream Christianity.

    Luther was bent on reforming theology - something considered an uphill task at the time due to strict and conservative teachings of Roman Catholic Church.

    Lutheran Christians believe in salvation and they think that one’s sins can be forgiven through God’s grace. Holy Trinity, which has a very special status among many Christian denominations, is regarded as one of the most important pillars of Lutheranism.

    Lutheranism, due to Germany being its stronghold right from the start, spread widely in Germany and neighbouring countries. But regions like Scandinavia were also affected and people adopt Lutheranism as their faith.

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    Christian is a person who believes in Christianity. Christianity is the largest religion in the world today and the number of people believing in it is increasing gradually. Christians consider Jesus Christ the son of God and believes in salvation through God’s grace.

    There are several ideologies and beliefs Christians have today - unlike the old Christianity during the days of Jesus Christ.

    Christianity does not believe the man will remain in hell forever, as it encourages its believers to seek forgiveness through God’s love and guidelines mentioned in the Bible and Old Testament.

    Another belief that every denomination of Christianity has is that the Jesus Christ will be resurrected and He will save all the Christians from hell and bless the good ones with a happy eternal life.

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