Difference between LBF and LBS

Sometimes people find it difficult to differentiate between LBF and LBS as they consider them similar to each other. Both terms are used in reference to weight and or force.

The most basic difference between LBF and LBS is that they represent two unique units in the imperial system. For instance, lbs or lbm is the unit of mass and falls in the category of weighing units like kilograms and tonnes. One lbs, often referred to as ‘Pound’ is equal to ‘0.45359237 kg’. Undoubtedly, there may be some variations in stating the mass of an lbs but it has been declared as a legal standard and is widely used throughout the world. On the other hand, lbf is another imperial unit but it is used to represent the unit of force. The ‘lbf’ is considered a unit of force which is required to move 1 slug mass at the rate of 1 ft/s.

The unit ‘lbs’ is of immense importance as it is widely used by the doctors around the globe and especially in the sport of boxing and weightlifting. For example, boxing and the weightlifting are international sports that allow the player to contest only in his or her pertinent weight category. Most counties use pound as the standard unit of weight. Not to mention, lbs is also very helpful in finding the mass body index (MBI) of a particular person. In contrast, lbf, also known as pound force, may be used in some nationwide competitions that require demonstration of physical strength. Lbf is usually helpful in contests like ‘World’s strongest man’ that require a person to demonstrate his physical strength by lifting and dragging heavy weights.


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    LBS, which is also referred to as ‘Pound’, helps in identifying the weight of a particular body or object. One pound is equal to 16 ounces or 0.45 kilograms. It is a standard scale for measuring pound mass.

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    This term refers to the pound force that is applied by a body to more than 1 slug mass at the rate of 1 ft/s. The pound force aims at identifying the amount of force which is required to move a body to a particular distance.

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