Difference between Khaki and Chino

There are no particularly big differences between khakis and chinos, so people often use them in the same context. They are both popular among men because they are comfortable trousers, and the best part about them is that they can be worn at any event, unlike jeans which are considered casual wear.

Despite having numerous similarities, khakis and chinos are not the same garment and should come under separate categories. If you study them properly and look into their history, you will be able to determine the real difference between them.

One of the biggest differences between these two trousers is their colour. Khaki pants are found in just one colour, no matter where you get them from. The technical reason behind it is that the word khaki refers to a particular colour.

This word has been derived from ‘khak’, which means dust or soil in Urdu and Hindi. Therefore, khaki pants are always the colour of soil; if they were not, they would not have been given that name.

On the other hand, chinos can be found in numerous colours. You can simply choose the ones you like and wear them with your favourite shirts. They can be worn anywhere, from special occasions, to your office, which means that they have got quite a few advantages.

If you have been involved in the garments business for some time,  or simply happen to know a bit about different types of pants, you will be able to distinguish another clear difference between khakis and chinos. Although both are made of cotton, there is a clear difference in their finishing. Moreover, the fabric used in the manufacturing of a chino is quite heavy, which makes the trousers look more durable.

Khakis, on the other hand, are not very heavy, as they are made of light fabric. Therefore, their durability can be questioned, especially in comparison to chinos.


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    This light coloured trouser is worn by men all over the world. Earlier, it was used by the French and British army, as khakis don't appear too dirty, as compared to other pants. The colour of these pants is generally close to beige or dark brown/green, but there are several other variations too.

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    Made of 100 percent cotton and twill, chinos are quite comfortable to wear. The word 'chino' came from Spanish literature, meaning toasted. Some people believe that these pants originally came from China, which is a wrong perception.

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