Difference between Left and Right Kidney

All the organs of a human body are very important and one must make sure that they are properly looked after so that they stay in proper working condition. Some of them are in pairs and work together to fulfil their functions.

Kidneys are such organs that work in pairs. The primary function of the kidneys is to clean the blood along with some secondary functions that they perform. They are the filtering units that our body uses and should the kidneys have a reduced level of performance, one can have several health issues. It is important that you drink a lot of water to make sure that they stay in proper working condition.

They both are very similar in nature though there are some differences between the two that make the human anatomy all the more interesting.

One of the notable differences is the fact that the left kidney is slightly larger than the right one. Generally the size difference is about 0.5 to 1.5cm. Also, the left kidney is placed slightly higher than the right kidney which is dedicated by the structure of the abdominal cavity. The liver does not allow them both to be completely in line with each other.


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    Right Kidney

    The blood to the right kidney comes through the right renal artery. It is positioned to the right side of the body related to rib 12. It has a bean like shape. The outer part of the kidney is associated with liver, right suprarenal gland right colic flexure of the large intestine and descending part of duodenum.

    - Image Courtesy: lyceum.algonquincollege.com

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    Left Kidney

    The primary function of this kidney is cleaning of blood. It receives the blood from the left renal artery. It is placed on the left side of the human body and is next to the rib 11 and 12. Its exterior is located to left suprarenal gland, pancreas, spleen and stomach as well as the left colic flexure of the large intestine.

    - Image Courtesy: yalemedicalgroup.org

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