Difference between Gage and Gauge

The terms gauge and gage are very different. Although they sound very similar there are some key differences them. It is extremely important to understand the differences between these two to learn how and when they are used. Gauge is a word that can be used both as a verb and a noun. Essentially, it offers a way of measuring the quantity and quality of anything. Gage on the other hand should not be confused with the word gauge as it has a completely different meaning. The word gage means a pledge. Gage refers to a surety of an item that is presented instead of a loan. Although it might sound confusing but gage is more like giving a challenge and gauge is used for various measurements.


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    Gauge is a term that refers to measuring tools, looking into the quality and quantity of anything. The word gauge describes the characteristics of an object or an item. As discussed before, the word gauge can be either used as a verb or a noun. The measuring instruments used as a gauge can be a dial, digital meter or any other instrument as it is designed to give a physical value of a certain parameter. Examples of gauge include fuel gauge, pressure gauge, temperature gauge, water gauge. The term is sometimes also used to refer to the actual act of measurement.

    Gauge is widely used in the processing industry. Gas production plants across the world use pressure and temperatures gauges in the actual plant design. When distributing gas domestically, it is important to make sure the gas is at the right pressure and temperature to ensure the best combustion properties. Similarly water gauges are used in waste water treatment plants where there is a need to measure the flow rate of incoming water.

    In railways, gauge is often used to identify the distance between two parallel rail tracks. A gauge can be either meter or gauge depending on the industry it will be used for. The word gauge can also be used to evaluate and analyse a person’s characteristics and qualities of his or her behaviour.

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    The word gage has a completely different meaning. Its meaning is similar to words like engage and wage. The gage provides a reflection of one’s willingness to enter a contract. However, the root of this word comes from the mortgage and loan sector.

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