Difference between Paella and Risotto

The Spanish and Italian people always love to have Paella and Risotto which are two mouth watering rice dishes. Many people consider these two dishes as the same because of their similar appearance. However, these two dishes are not similar as there are many differences between Paella and Risotto. Paella is a Spanish dish while Risotto has its origin in Italy. Risotto is more creamy as compared to Paella and it requires you to stay close and keep stirring otherwise it gets stick to the pot. On the other hand, people allow Paella to stick to the pot and this bottom coat of rice is called soccarat. Paella’s form varies from top to inside as it looks dry from the top but soft from inside. On the contrary, Risotto is the same from top to the bottom of the pot. Paella is called a dry dish because it seems in dry form while Risotto is sticky one.


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    Paella is a rice dish that has its origin in Valencia, a famous city of Spain and one of the most popular dishes of the country. Paella is being enjoyed in many parts of the world in countless Spanish restaurants. In the starting days, the Spanish peasants used to make this Paella by including vegetables and rabbits in the rice. But at the present day, Paella is prepared by adding many different ingredients and it all depends on the area and the taste of people. Paella is also known as seafood in many countries of the world and it can also be prepared without meat and vegetarians always use tomatoes and peas. However, Paella offers a rich taste when the combination of rice and meat is used appropriately by the cook.

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    Risotto is an Italian dish which has got the status of a traditional Italian creamy dish throughout the country. Risotto is also very famous all over the world where people eat Italian dishes. It is one of the main and most delicious dishes in Italian food. People of different areas use different ingredients to prepare Risotto. The main ingredient of Risotto is the short grained rice along with onions, herbs and spices. People also add wine while cooking Risotto in order to avoid it from sticking to the bottom of the pot. Cheese is also an important ingredient of this creamy dish that adds flavour to the taste of this dish and makes it more delicious.

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