Difference Between Wolves and Foxes

While Wolves and foxes are distant cousins, they are very different from each other and are easily distinguishable on account of their size, diet and hunting patterns.

One of the major difference between these canidae family relatives is the ability to survive against continuous threat from the expansion of human population. Foxes thrive due to the spread of human civilisation, as they depend on human foods and can also feed on garbage and leftovers. Foxes are not feared animals and are usually left alone by humans instead of being hunted down. Road accidents are the main reasons behind fox deaths.

Wolves on the other hand, do not share the same human compassion and are hunted down out of fear. They are also not capable of surviving on garbage or leftovers. Since they live in packs, their survival is almost impossible alongside the human population, as they require large areas to prosper. This is the reason which has pushed them further away from their natural habitat. Due to their large size, it is very difficult for wolves to hide from hunters. Foxes on the other hand, are small and very elusive, which helps them survive and thrive. While wolf populations have decreased in the United States of America and elsewhere, fox populations have not been adversely affected, they do however face the threat of being hunted down for their fur.

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    Wolves are the largest canines, feared for their carnivorous tendencies and aggressive behaviour. Wolf howls are some of the most feared sounds and their bite strength makes them lethal predators. The overhunting of these animals however, has led the red wolves and grey wolves to the verge of extinction which has forcing them to be listed as endangered species.

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    These are medium sized animals with narrow snouts, smooth silky fur and fluffy tails. They do not live in packs and instead prefer two to three companions. Since they are small in size, they do not go after bigger prey, and mainly depend on rodents for food. They can also survive on berries and other fruits if meat is scarce.

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