What Is Bittorrent And How Does It Work

If you want to share huge data files across internet, the need for peer-to-peer file sharing is generated which is fulfilled by the help of BitTorrent. It is not the only software that performs that activity but it is the widely used software all across the globe. Actually, the software is a protocol that helps in the transfer of huge files from one system to another. According to the stats posted in Wikipedia, the BitTorrent software is used by almost 35% people throughout the world who want to access a file or download something from another peer.


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    You need to download the software from the website. In order to do so, you will have to write BitTorrent in Google and that will provide you the link of the website that will contain the software.

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    Open the first link that appears in the Google after your search.

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    You will find an orange rectangle in which it will be written “Get BitTorrent”. Click that icon. It will direct you to another page.

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    If you want to purchase the software with added services, you can easily do that but if you only want to download stuff then you just need to click Free Download option.

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    Your download will start in few moments after you click the Free Download option. It will ask you to locate the document where you want to download the software. You will browse the document from the window and then click “Save” which will download the BitTorrent software in the stated document.

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    Open the document where you downloaded the software. Double click the file that is downloaded and it will ask you the basic questions that are required by any software; the drive where the software will be installed etc. Install the software by choosing your desired locations.

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    Open the icon on the desktop that states BitTorrent. Now open the internet browser and visit the website that contains Torrent file. You will have to download the Torrent file from that website and open the link in the BitTorrent software which will begin the downloading of the file.

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