Difference Between Civil engineering and Architecture

There is a big misunderstanding when it comes to differentiate between Civil Engineering and Architecture. Not many people are able to point out the differences between these two and they often consider them as same more or less.

However, Civil engineering is not just about designing bridges and sky scrapers. Similarly, Architecture is much more than just drawing sketches and creating designs and models for buildings, bridges, hotels and houses. And one must understand the basics of these two if he or she wants to understand what the differences between Civil Engineering and Architecture are.


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    Architecture Engineering

    When we talk about Architecture, we usually use the terms like designs and sketches. But we must keep this in mind that this is not Architecture. Architecture is much more than that. It is more about the creativity of the designs rather than just formulating those designs. Architectures deal with the designs of different structures and in addition to that it focus on aesthetics and functionality of those designs.

    Architect will initiate the project and to do that, he will use different architects’ drafts. Architect will examine the building, he will talk to the owners, will take the feedbacks and suggestions, will give his point of view and at the end, he will formulate the designs for the remodelling of the building. He will make sure that the building has all the required standards and it is meeting people expectations.

    Image Courtesy: kottke.org

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    Civil Engineering

    Civil engineering on the other hand, is the study about the innovation to realize that very design. Civil engineering usually do not care about such minor details. A Civil engineer usually talks about the basic methodology and the plan to construct the design, whose idea was given by the Architect in the first place.  Civil engineer will jump in by studying those drafts and he will decide whether the designs made by the architect are practical or not. In addition to that, the civil engineer will decide about the conditions and structure of the building. Civil engineer will make sure that the building is flawless; he will take care about the cost and material required for the remodelling and about the loading conditions.

    Architecture and Civil Engineering go hand in hand. An architect needs a civil engineer to help him in order to make his designs work. While a civil engineer needs architecture’s guidance and outlines to continue working.

    Image Courtesy: sccengineering.co.uk

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