Difference between Edition and Issue

Reading is essential as it provides a person not only with knowledge but also a companion when other people are not around. It is often a retreat from a hard day and a person can relax and read to let go of the worries of the day. It is one of those simple joys of life.

Issue and edition are two terms that one comes across on the covers of many books and magazines. The terms are generally used as synonyms. However, there are some differences amongst both.

Issue is the serial number of a given publication in a particular time period. Edition on the other hand is the number of copies that have been printed of a specific reading material at a given time.

The term edition is used more for books than magazines though it is not restricted to this purpose. On the other hand, the term issue is used more for newspapers and magazines.


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    This is not a new concept and it has been evolving for a fair amount of time now. It started with the purpose of having commercial benefits from printed books.

    Edition shows how many copies have been printed and released of a given book at one point in time. These are generally used by the same publisher.

    Although it is not exactly a collector’s item in most cases, many book enthusiasts want to own the first edition of their favourite books. Many publishers over a period of time print the same book with different styles.

    Revised editions of books are also published since the writer or the editor makes necessary changes to them which may have been prompted on technical grounds or on the basis of new information coming to the fore.

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    It is a term that is used for a given magazine or newspaper that has been printed on a specific date. These are often one time prints in large numbers and rarely are they reprinted. Many collectors often look at the issue number to determine the value of a particular magazine.

    A daily newspaper has 365 issues a year whereas a magazine that is printed on a monthly basis has 12 issues a year.

    The system is helpful for anyone who is looking for an older issue and just by using the issue number, a person can find it in an archive without any trouble.

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