Difference Between Anthropology and Sociology

Sociology and anthropology are both sciences or fields that are related to humans. They revolve around understanding and figuring out human behavior and why humans do things one way or another. They might seem fairly similar at first, but actually they are quite different.

Both of them require you to go ahead into the field do research and observe things that are happening. However, once this is done, you need to critically think things through, in order to figure out just why it is that something’s happen one way or another.

You then need to figure out patterns and develop links in things that you find, in order to find the similarities or list the differences that are present in front of your eyes.


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    It is the study of the human society, where it came from, where it is going, how it developed, what organizations and what institutions help make it. It is a science which uses a number of different methods and techniques to investigate and analyze the evolution of bodies of knowledge. All of these bodies are linked with human social activities, cultures, functions and other things.

    The main goal for almost every sociologist is to go ahead and conduct a research, which can help understand social behavior and reasons as to why people behave in a certain manner and do things that way.

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    This is the science of humanity in simple terms. It is originated from the studies of humanity and natural and social sciences. That in itself tells you just how broad it is in terms of scope and other things.

    The word anthropology came from a Greek word which meant man. This means that anthropology is basically the study and understand of men and how mankind works.

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    If you were to differentiate the two, you could start off by looking at the groups. Sociology is focused on studying smaller groups of people who interact socially, on the other hand, social interactions and social studies is just a small part of anthropology, which takes into account a lot more data and information.

    Anthropology has a much wider study scope and based when compared to sociology, which means that in most cases sociology lays inside anthropology. This is because apart from social behavior, it also studies human behavior, culture their life and how they live it, which makes it a whole lot more detailed.

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