Difference Between Hardware and Software

In today’s developed world of technology, life seems tedious and imperfect without computer. Isn’t it? Of course it is, because your well-equipped computer system is an ultimate solution of various day to day activities. It connects you to the entire world, makes things available at one click distance, solves your problems, save your time and many more. Knowing your personal computer both internally and externally is highly suggested in order to get best output. The earlier you identify the possible problems with your computer, the better you can do away with it. The two very essential parts that forms and defines your computer is its “Software” and “Hardware.” Your whole computer system is incomplete without hardware and software. Both of them work together to help your computer respond properly and provide you with the desired outputs.

However, it is always better to know the difference between hardware and software in order to know each of them well and to make best use of both parts. Hardware is defined as “the combination of physical parts of the computer system that can be seen and touched.” Software, on the other hand, is “a set of commands that can be “run” on a computer.”


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    It’s all about physical parts of the computer. Anything which can be seen when the computer is switched off is hardware. Without hardware, the computer system and its software are of no use. Therefore, it is important to thoroughly put together the hardware before turning on the computer system. The hardware is rarely changed but it wears out with the passage of time. However, replacement or repairing of the hardware is a simple task.  It stays at stable consistency level in practical life and its failure is random.

    Keyboard, mouse, Monitor, printer, sound card, speakers, hard-disk, CD-ROM, video card, scanner, power unit, modem, routers, mother board, label makers, and CPU etc are all items (examples) of hardware.

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    Whatever thing that can be seen on the computer’s screen is software. It is logical in nature but cannot be touched. Wide range of software is available in both brick and click companies. You can install software according to your requirement and usage ratio in the daily life. “Programming Software,” “System Software,” and “Application Software” are the three main groups of a practical commuter system. Software requires even testing after upgrades and its breakdown is quiet systematic. It remains same and does not wear out with the passage of time.

    Internet Explorer, Microsoft Excel, Winoms-Cs, QuickBooks, Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word, paint, word processing, Computer games etc are examples of software.

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