Difference between Neighborhood and Community

A large number of people get confused with the two commonly used terms including neighbourhood and community. They consider these two terms as the same think that these can be used interchangeably. However, in reality, neighbourhood and community are two different words that are completely different in their meanings and cannot be considered as the one or same. Neighbourhood belongs to geographical area while community belongs to people. Neighbourhood has geographical entity while community does not. Neighbourhood has nothing to do with people while community deals with people. Keep reading this article to learn more about neighbourhood and community.


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    Neighbourhood is basically a term which is used in order to identify a certain adjacent area and thus, belongs to the physical existence of a particular area. Neighbourhood usually refers to the surroundings of an area like the outskirts of a city or the two or more blocks which are situated near to each other. When we talk about the neighbourhood, we generally perceive that the joining areas which are close to a particular area like in the neighbourhood of Royal Park, meaning that the surrounding or adjacent area of Royal Park. Many people get confused and think that neighbourhood is just the next house of their own home. Neighbourhood is basically the whole surrounding area and not only the adjacent house etc.

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    Community is basically a group of people who are living in a particular area or who belong to a particular sect in a specific area like Muslim community in New York or Christian Community in a particular region. Many people think that community refers to a particular area but they are wrong as community always refers to a group of people who can be identified through their race, creed, cast, religion or from ethnic aspect. The word community can also be used to identify a certain group of people who are living in an area where many other groups of different ethnicity are also living. For example, there are many groups of people including Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Jews etc, living in a particular area these people would identify these people by calling them Muslim community, Christian community,  Hindu community and Jew community.

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