What Is In Vitro Fertilization And Why Is It Important

For people who cannot have their baby or couples with infertility, the best option is to undergo treatment known as in vitro fertilization or IVF. However, this treatment is costly and should only be undertaken after taking into considerations of lots of things. Besides its drawbacks, IVF has lots of advantages especially for people who are facing difficulty of having their child. In other words this treatment involves joining of sperms and eggs in a lab. By this, you can have a baby which is free from abnormalities.


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    In vitro fertilization or IVF

    For couples facing problems of having a child or getting pregnant, in vitro fertilization comes handy. By this procedure, female partner takes in medicines which causes in production of more eggs than in normal conditions. These eggs are then harvested surgical after they are ripened. The male on the other hand produces sperm specimen. These sperms and eggs are then combined in a laboratory. Embryos are initially grown in lab for almost four to five days. Later the feasible embryos either one or two are transferred to the uterus of the female partner. After almost a week or 10 days the women takes a pregnancy test. There is a 30 per cent chance she gets pregnant with every time she tries. Remember that this procedure can cost up to $10,000 per cycle.

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    This treatment increases the chance of women getting pregnant. Even if there is a zero per cent chance for the female partner getting pregnant, IVF can make her have a baby. In case there is a woman whose fallopian tubes are blocked. There are rare chances of her getting pregnant under normal circumstances. IVF will boost her chances of having a child. Likewise, if the male partner has lower sperm count, IVF is the best way of getting his partner pregnant.

    In case the couple has decided to have donor eggs if a woman is suffering from premature ovarian failure or other problems regarding the supply of eggs, IVF is the treatment they can opt. In this scenario, women’s partner will donate his sperms which will be joined with donor eggs. When the embryo grows, it will be transfer into the women’s uterus during the correct time of her menstrual cycle.

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