Martial Arts Classes in Seattle

Whether your ultimate goal is fitness, self defense, or just increasing your flexibility and agility, martial arts are a great way to attain your objectives. Learning from the proper teacher can make both adults and youngsters come out of the lesson with increased self respect, and self discipline. The greater Seattle area is lucky to be home to so many masters in the martial arts that teach their art to students. Here are a few good choices on where to go should you decide to pursue this path, or if you decide that your child could use the exposure to a positive activity.

Martial Arts in the Public Interest (M.A.P.I); 945 North 96th St, Seattle, WA, 98103 Call (206)322-4799- this non profit organization is an invaluable community resource, striving to spread the concepts of self-discipline, respect, and self control to society. They are particularly interested in showing young people alternative definitions of power and control to contribute to pride and self esteem, rather than violence or destruction. Self defense classes are taught in the Quantum Martial Arts format, which is a blend of boxing, Wing Chun, and Tae Kwon do mixed together. The product is practical, comprehensible, and modern. It is the creation by the teacher/master Rachel Evans, who has been exploring martial arts for over twenty years. Both kids and adults can benefit from the emphasis on respect and positivity in these classes, as well as the physical exercise and increased flexibility that is an inevitable consequence of training.

Shotokan Karate of America Pacific Northwest, Call (206)364-6609
This is now a nationwide non profit organization started by Karate master Shotokan Oshima Dojo. It has spread throughout the country because students are attracted to the heavy emphasis on technique, on the integration of mind and body, and the pure physicality to it. Kids enjoy the excitement involved in learning karate from certified experts, as well as being entrusted with the adult principles necessary to excel at the sport. Many of the juniors that go through the Shotokan program claim to have an increased sense of self, as well as a new awareness for their environment and those living in it. Karate sharpens the senses, the anatomy, and the brain. Both adults and kids will find karate lessons very stimulating and rewarding, and this is one of the top programs in the country.

Temple Kung Fu, a branch of the Academy of Kempo Martial Arts, 1950 130th Avenue, Bellevue, WA Call (425) 881-1550 or 7705 230th St SW, Edmonds, WA, (425)775-7370 or 24615 Pacific Highway South, Kent, WA (253)941-8822

With three locations located conveniently throughout the greater Seattle area, the Temple Kung fu is one of the most successful martial arts schools in the region. Run by martial arts master Robert Jones, this is a great place to bring a child who is experiencing self confidence issues, or displaying poor behavior or low self esteem. Through an atmosphere that is completely positive, the martial arts school teaches children about the values of self worth, and how getting along with others begins by having a positive relationship with yourself. Martial arts is not just physical: more than Ã?½ of it is a mentality, which this program recognizes. Kids come out of it better able to identify their emotions, which gives them more power to control them. The program strives to install an “I can and I will” attitude in youngsters, which will help them in the troubling years to come.

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