How to Make Fahrenheit Thermometer

Swamped with assignments, preparation for exams and the end-of-the-year Science projects? Everybody’s been through that and if there’s one thing that they’ve learnt, it is to make use of your time efficiently to get everything done within the deadline. If you’re tasked to conduct a Science experiment for your project, why not show how a thermometer works? After all, we’ve all used it at one point in our life or the other. There are 3 advantages if you show how to make a Fahrenheit Thermometer; it is a quick experiment so will not consume much time, it can be done with things easily available, and the experiment is easy to do!

Things Required:

– Scissors
– Transparent tape
– Yardstick (meter stick)
– Marking pen
– Red crayon
– Two white poster board sheets each of length 55 × 70 cm


  • 1

    Cutting the cardboard sheet

    First, cut a 14 x 28-inch (or 35 x 70- cm) strip and an 8 x 28-inch (or 20 x 70-cm) strip from the poster board. Fill red color on one side of the narrower strip, and in the bulb on the large strip.

  • 2

    Drawing Thermometer

    Follow the measurements and draw a thermometer on the larger strip, showing different temperatures. After that, remove (or cut out) the 4 x 22-inch (10 x 55 cm) section above the bulb of thermometer.

  • 3

    The slit & strip

    Now cut another 14 x 28-inch (35 x 70 cm) strip from the second sheet of the poster board. Cut another 100-inch (25-cm) slit that is about 4 inches (10 cm) from the shorter edge of the strip. Make sure it is at the center and in horizontal position.

  • 4

    Adjusting the Strip

    Position the strip behind the thermometer with the borders of both strips taped together. Into the slit, insert a narrow paper strip in a way that the red side is visible through the thermometer’s cut out section.

  • 5

    Moving strip Up & Down

    Hold the poster and move the red-colored strip up and down. You can observe the height on each temperature mark showing increase and decrease in temperature.

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