Difference Between AFIS and Biometric Fingerprint Systems

AFIS and Biometric Fingerprint System are almost same things for personal identification. Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems better known as AFIS and Biometric system are computerised devices commonly used nowadays for personal identification. However, for more transparent information, we need to understand the slight difference between both systems. At the same time it is very tricky as well. You need to understand that both systems are designed to judge personal identification however the difference comes from their origin. The AFIS was developed by the police department while the biometric system replaced the use if ID cards in different business organisations.


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    AFIS which was developed by police departments to identify different persons from a large number in their enormous file systems. AFIS also helped many police departments in many countries around the world identifying criminals from a large pool of data. As many countries share this type of data, the use of AFIS is huge. You need to understand as to how positive this step was to create a system which is primarily for helping people mainly the police departments who face many challenges throughout their investigations. The AFIS gives the police department freedom to find anyone with specific information.

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    On the other hand, the same system which also identifies people is a biometric system. It was developed to fulfil business needs of a big company. Earlier before the development of this unique system, companies used different types of ID cards. It is very important that you should understand fully that biometric system is for businesses and AFIS is for police departments.

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    There is another difference between both systems as AFIS is used to identify a person from the given data however in a biometric system it allows a person who wants to be identified.

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    You also need to understand that AFIS usually deals with a heavy amount of data which sometimes highlights a person from millions of others.

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    The time related difference is the biggest variation between AFIS and biometric system. You need to understand that with AFIS, it needs many hours to identify a person, however with biometric system you can find a person in seconds.

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