Fraternity Formal

For anyone in college who is a member of a fraternity, one of the most fun and best events to go to is a fraternity formal. After the end of each semester, a fraternity will hold a formal or semi formal. The semiformal is usually held at the end of the fall semester while the real formal is held at the end of the spring semester. A formal marks the end of a semester of memories. A formal is very much like a prom in high school.

The formal is usually organized by a social committee within a fraternity and if you attend in college it will be one of the best experiences of your life. Almost all of the members of your fraternity will go and I highly encourage everyone to go as well.

The dress that you should wear should consist of a suit if you are a guy. The suit should match with a tie. Guys should wear dress shoes and a belt. Hair should be gelled or sprayed and guys should shave as well and look good for pictures. The ladies should wear a nice dress as well.

When you walk into the place at the formal event which might be a fancy restaurant or hotel, you will notice the set up of the tables. The tables will have flowers and party favors from the host of the party. At fraternity formals I have noticed that these party favors consist of wine glasses or pictures that have the fraternity letters on them.

Music consists of a DJ or live band depending on the event and how fancy the event is. There will be a dance floor and even if you don’t like to dance or can’t dance I strongly recommend that you are on the dance floor and just try to have as much fun as you can.

At the formal events, there will be a bar which might be an open bar where the drinks are free and unlimited in supply. At open bar parties the entrance fee to get in will usually be higher than at a cash bar. At cash bars you pay for each drink that you would like to buy. Drinks range anywhere from $3 to $10 depending on how fancy the alcohol is.

I also recommend that you bring a camera because the fraternity might not hire a camera man or video man to take pictures or a video. A camera is a great way to capture the memorable moments at the fraternity formal.

Finally, you might also watch a slideshow which is really nice. The slideshow will have pictures of members in the fraternity and great pictures of great times.

I encourage anyone to go. Even if you aren’t a member of a fraternity, go with friends who are in one. It will be a blast!

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