Difference Between DL and CR Batteries

A very wise strategy is required when it comes to get unusual batteries like the coin type ones. It is extremely important to pick the right one to ensure a accurate fit. Even a little battery is not an inexpensive item to buy, thus you should make sure that you don’t have to purchase it again in near future.

CR and DL batteries are very famous in the coin type category. The key difference between these two batteries is just the maker. Just like AA and AAA, CR is originally a generic designation. Almost every battery manufacturer uses this designation for its products. The DL designation, on the other hand, is used only by the Duracell – a seasoned battery maker.

There is no major manufacturing difference between these two. Duracell’s step of using different designation has actually made the situation a little confusing for the common man. In reality, both DL and CR batteries are interchangeable, if the serial numbers are same. For example, one can easily replace a DL2032 battery with a CR2032 battery, and vice versa.

There is no need to get confused about generic designations, as the main thing is the number stamped in the batteries. Numbers like 2032 are not random, as they described the actual dimensions of the battery. The last couple of digits of the number are the description of the battery’s thickness, while the first two tells the customer about its diameter.


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    CR Battery

    The CR battery is a coin type battery that has multiple uses. Usually, such batteries are best for low power devices. CR is a term used by almost every manufacturer. The CR batteries last for several months, if not years.

    It entirely depends on the electrician that where does he/she want to use it. You can find different CR batteries in the market, and each one may have a different maker.

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    DL Battery

    The DL battery is actually a CR battery, but manufactured by Duracell. Since there is no difference between the dimension and thickness of a DL and CR battery, both can be used for the same purpose.

    Duracell uses this unique generic designation just to make the products different from what is commonly available in the markets. Since Duracell makes battery with higher capacity, its administration utilises every possible option to spread the reputation. And the trick of changing the generic designation to a unique one has worked really well.

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