Poetry is Hot for Summer

As the days of summer begin to heat up across the country, the chores of the day drag on, and with the children home from school, mom may find she doesn’t seem to have much time to herself anymore. Gone are the days of fall and spring in which the kids are at school for 8 hours a day, and the demands of “Mom, I’m hungry. Mom, I’m bored. Mom, I need a ride…” echo in the air.

Sure, mom had plans for herself, but where is the time to sit back and soak in the tub with a good novel, or curl up on the couch after the chores of the day are over with a good book? You probably have read the same one or two pages over and over, and find that you just don’t have the time to read an entire novel and let any of it sink in before you are interrupted by the demands of the short people who call you Mom!

There is a solution for those who still like to read, but can’t find the time to really sit back and relax through an entire novel – Poetry. Yes, poetry, the forgotten art form left only to the hopeless romantics.

Or is it?

Publishers, like Koboca Publishing and others, know that poetry and prose is making a comeback during the summer months, and with good reason. With poetry, or just a few pages of prose, the reader can find themselves transported through an entire story in just a few lines. One poem can take you through an entire love affair in just a few stanzas, and prose can tell an entire romance story in just a few pages, but with such imagery and visualization that you will feel you have read an entire novel!

The plus side here is, poetry and prose can be read at your leisure, when you find the time to spare a few minutes, and you can put the book down and walk away, but come back at another time for a whole new story.

“But isn’t poetry stuffy and old fashioned, written in weird Old English that no one understands,” you ask?

Well, maybe it used to be, but today’s modern poetry is not quite the eclectic and morose musings of the past. Modern poetry is alive with steamy innuendo, subtle imagery, flowing words written in plain English to which most anyone can relate. No, modern poetry is not the stuff you read in your high school English class, that’s for sure.

So where can you find this modern poetry? Bricks and mortar bookstores usually have a special section just for poetry, so if you have a moment to stop in, be sure to ask where their summer poetry collections are. However, if you don’t have the time to make it to your local bookstore, you can find poetry collections in the same place you can find just about anything else – on the internet.

Try searching for poetry books at online retailers or directly from online publishers. Once you have the perfect poetry book in your hands, you may not be able to curl up for hours at a time, but you will find that in the few minutes of freedom you do have during the day, a good book of modern poetry can be just the escape you need from the reality of, “Mom, where’s my CD player? Mom, he’s looking at me again. Moooom!”

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