Difference between Hook and Chorus

Hook and Chorus are two different parts or structures of a song. When you repeat different lines of a song continuously, it is called a chorus. However, hook is part of a song as well as the chorus that appeals to listener and makes a specific song very catchy. Hook can be a lyric but it can also be instrumental. Songwriters use these techniques to create lyrics or music that grabs your attention and makes you want to repeatedly listen. On the whole, when we talk about a chorus, many agree that the first thing that comes to mind is choir with several singers performing in a church.


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    Hook is a part of the chorus that gives makes you want to constantly listen to a particular song. Basically it is a hook that makes you love any particular song. A hook can be lyrical or an instrumental and always appeals to the listener. Different experts give different examples for explaining a hook in a chorus. Some say if you know the mechanics of catching fish, you will be able to visualise how a hook in a song or chorus works. A hook can be a single impressive vocal line, a guitar riff or a special sound of a drum. If any of these makes you want to repeatedly listen to a particular song then it is considered to be a hook. Sometimes we like some song or any particular line which means that a particular hook is working. Along with storyline hooks, sound hooks are also very famous to make a person listen to a full song.

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    A repetition of several lines in a particular song is called a chorus. The structure of the song is also considered to be a chorus. It is slightly louder than the verse and appeals to the listener in a rhythmic manner. A chorus can be a title of the song as well but usually it comes after the verse. Chorus has different parts such as refrain and hook. The repetitive nature of a chorus usually makes you want to listen and sing along with a particular song.

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