Difference between Model and Supermodel

Modelling has become a hugely successful profession nowadays and there are many youngsters getting inclined towards this profession in the last few years. The profession gives you fame and money, and can take you to the height of success if you have the talent and luck.

There are certain levels in modelling like there are in any other profession and you get promoted with the passage of time. There are two basic categories in modelling. You can either be a model or a supermodel.

One of the basic differences between a model and a supermodel is the recognition. Supermodels are renowned and known all over the world and most of the popular brands are after them. On the other hand, models are lesser known and hardly get any brand endorsements.

Supermodels charge huge sums for an advert or for a photo shoot of a magazine. They are in a position to charge astronomical pays for modelling assignments and are faces of some of the most recognized fashion magazines.

Models have to virtually no cover shoots for magazines and even if they have, the magazines are lesser known in the fashion industry.  This is the main reason there are thousands of models around the world and only a few supermodels.


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    Models are generally not well known faces and get few chances to showcase their skill to the fashion industry. They walk the ramps for their respective modelling agencies but have to work hard and gain experience to reach the next level.

    Models do not receive great amounts for their shoots and have to settle for what their agencies give them or what their contract states. They are not in a position to charge huge sums for a photo shoot they get from their agency.

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    Supermodels can be called superstars of the modelling industry. They are immensely successful models and are faces of some of the best fashion magazines in the world. They are also faces of some of the most renowned brands and companies pay astronomical amounts to hire them for the marketing of their product.

    Supermodels mostly charge huge amounts for their assignments and are style symbols for many. They also have a huge fan following and have great experience in the fashion industry.

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