Choosing the Right Type of College

There are many college options

In a recent report, “College Pays,” by College Board, indicated that the level of education achieved made a difference in median income. A person that earned a bachelor’s degree would earn on average $49,900, while a high school diploma, would earn about $30,800. That is a difference of nearly $20,000.

In this same report, it was reported that a person with a bachelor’s degree would earn around 73 percent more over a lifetime on average, then the person who earned a high school diploma. In another report, “Trends in College Pricing 2004,” by the same source, the cost of tuition at private and public colleges has gone up quite substantially. As these two reports demonstrate, education is important for future earnings potential, but that tuition may be a factor in deciding whether or not you will be able to attend college.

There are some options that I would like to point out for you to consider in saving yourself not only money, but also time. If you are a high school student, then you may want to check into AP (Advanced Placement) at your school. These courses allow you to take them at college level, and in exchange for a fraction of the cost, you can earn college credits toward a college or university that you want to attend in the future. The courses that are offered are introductory in nature, such as government, psychology, and economics.

Another option is to check into CLEP (College Level Examination Program) testing. These are tests on various subjects, and for around $50, plus an administrative fee, you may earn college credits, and apply these to a degree. In order to pass the CLEP, you are required to pass with a certain score, usually available from the school you are interested in attending, and if successful, you will receive credit for that subject. These two methods can help you to get advanced standing with a college or university.

If you find yourself having some difficulty with getting adjusted to college, or you may not know what you want to major in, then a Community College may be the answer that you are looking for. This option allows you to get individualized instruction and also the cost is reasonable.

Those of you that have many college credits racked up, but are not able to earn a college degree through traditional means – you may want to consider one of the following colleges. The colleges are Excelsior College (, Charter Oak State College (, or Thomas Edison State College ( These colleges will permit you to transfer your previously earned college credits into a degree program, without residency requirements. The great option is that you can continue to meet your requirements by taking classes at your local college or university. By the way, these colleges are accredited the same as any other regionally accredited education institution, and that is what is key in deciding upon any academic program.

These are some options to think about, and methods to help you obtain a degree, without having to pay an arm and a leg in getting one.

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